Ron Colon – Salvadoreno 111 proof


A delicate and fruity rum.

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The name Ron Colon

In the early 16th century the Spanish Conquistador Pedro de Alvarado named the newly discovered pro-vince of El Salvador (which translates directly to “The Savior”) after Jesus Christ.
In 1892, the government of President Carlos Ezeta decided that the Salvadoran peso be called “Colón”; in homage to Christopher Columbus. The Colón stay-ed the currency of El Salvador until 2001, when it was replaced by the U.S. Dollar.
We pay homage to the old “Colónes” banknotes and currency in our bottle labels and the unique coin that is placed in the cap of each bottle. The coin can be popped off and collected.

Perfect serves

To be enjoyed on ice as an aperitif or digestive. Ideal in mixology.


The palate brings the same tropical fruit notes, but with a developing toasted warm spicy caramel fla-vour. Balanced with creamy milk chocolate, roasted almond and dried chewy apricot notes.

Rhum Ron Colon - Salvadoreno


On the nose, the aromas of tropical fruits are most apparent with fresh banana and sticky pineapple. Ad-ding to this there is a deeper aroma of rich raisins and prunes.



Gold Medal beverage testing institute Ron Colon

Beverage Testing Institute

Gold Medal – 2021


double medal gold San francisco world spirit competition

San Francisco World Spirit Competition

Double Gold Medal

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