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Château du Breuil

Calvados with an ancestral know-how and an international reputation

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Unique rums, with floral, blossom and spicy notes, blended on the Estate

Le Breuil

3 whiskies of elegance, purity and richness resulting from 3 different ageing processes

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La Spiriterie Française

Château du Breuil Normandy

Video presentation of the estate

La Spiriterie Française, Château du Breuil Normandy – For 400 years, illustrious families have perpetuated the history of Château du Breuil, today an example of excellence in the distillation, refining, blending and ageing of spirits.

The estate includes a lake with numerous species of fish and is a wonderful reserve of a rich and varied fauna. Château du Breuil is located in a land of equine excellence and the estate is therefore also home to horses.

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