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A bold and surprising rum.

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The name Ron Colon

In the early 17th century, the Spanish Conquistador Pedro de Alvarado named the newly found province of El Salvador after Jesus Christ, (“The Saviour”). In 1892, the government of President Carlos Ezeta took the decision to call the Salvadoran peso “Colón” in honor of Christopher Columbus. The Colón remained El Salvador’s currency until 2001, when it was replaced by the US dollar. We pay homage to the old ‘Colones’ banknotes and coins on our bottle, the label and the unique coin that sits in the cap. This piece is easily removed for collection.


  • Ron Colón Salvadoreño


  • 2017 American Straight – 100 % Rye Whisky de 4 ans d’âge produit à partir de 100 % de seigle pour mettre en valeur l’épice chaude et carbonisé. riche du grain. Vieilli en fût de chêne La saveur générale est audacieuse avec une texture miellée distinctive, de la menthe fraîche et des notes florales.


RUMRYE is 50/50 Ron Colón Dark Aged Rum and 100% American Straight Rye Whiskey

tasting guide

To be enjoyed on ice as an aperitif or digestive. Ideal in mixology.


bold, with notes ofcandied fruit, orange blossom, rich spices, bright and distinctive of a classic rye balanced by the natural sweetness of rum. The finish is dry, with notes of citrus and sweet mint.

La Spiriterie Française, Château du Breuil - Normandie Cocktail avec le Rumrye Ron Colon


Tropical fruit with sticky banana, pineapple, fresh mint and warm honey and a hint of spice.

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