Ron Colon – infused coffee 81 proof


A fruity rum with toasted notes.

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The name Ron Colon

At the beginning of the 17th century, the Spanish Conquistador Pedro de Alvarado named the recently found province of El Salvador after Jesus Christ, (The Savior
In 1892, the government of President Carlos Ezeta decided to call the Salvadoran peso “Colón” in honour of Christopher Columbus. The Colón remained the motto of El Salvador until 2001, when it was replaced
by the US dollar. We pay tribute to old notes and coins
of ‘Colones’ on our bottle, the label and the unique piece in the cap. This piece is easily removed to be collected.

The assembly

Salvadorian rum of 6 years old distilled in column, produced by the distillery Licorera Cihuatán.
Jamaican white rum blended in pot-still and column from Worthy Park, Hampden & Monymusk distilleries.
Jamaican rum 3 years old distilled in pot-still produced by the Worthy Park distillery.
All of these rums are aged in their country of origin before assembly

The coffee

Coffee beans from the El Ciprés region (grown next to the Volcan)
Hand dried bean for 4 weeks to bring the fruity side
Medium roasting giving chocolate, cherry aromas and a slight bitterness
Cold maceration in the Ron Colon for 48 hours to give the coffee time to release its aromas

Tasting tips

To be enjoyed on ice as an aperitif or digestive. Ideal in mixology.


coffee infusion brings delicately toasted notes of coffee beans and milk chocolate. The natural grain process enhances fruity flavours and balances with sticky pineapple and fresh banana notes

Ron Colon infused coffee 81 proof


notes of rich coffee and toasted bread, nutmeg spice. Fresh vanilla and honey bring a sweet note.

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