Pommeau de Normandie


2/3 of apple juice and 1/3 of Calvados for a fresh and fruity aperitif but also an accomplice to desserts.

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Born from the harmonious marriage of apple juice and Calvados, Pommeau de Normandie is a tender wine with character. The sweetness of apple and Calvados aged in oak barrels makes it an original aperitif and the accomplice of desserts. Served very chilled, it will, in its own way, make people discover and appreciate the tradition of Calvados Château du Breuil.

Tasting guide

Served chilled as an aperitif in a stemmed glass.

It accompanies your foie gras, your dry goat cheese and Roquefort. This Norman brandy can also be drunk as a “Trou Normand”, or as an accompaniment to a dessert (Tarte Tatin, apple pie, chocolate cake, etc.. ).


Fruity, light, melted, with notes of applesauce and apricot.



Bouteille pommeau de Normandie


Fresh and fruity with aromas of baked apple, quince and dried date.



Concours Général Agricole

Silver Medal – Paris 2020


International Wine & Spirit Competition

Bronze Medal – London 2019


Médaille or Spirit SélectionSpirits Selection by Concours Mondial de Bruxelles

Gold Medal – 2018


Médaille argent IWSC 2018International Wine & Spirit Competition 

Silver Medal – London 2018

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