Millésime 2000 (Vintage)


Calvados, fruity with gourmet notes.

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This Calvados is not a blend, as its name suggests. It is 41° alcohol. This is a Calvados distilled in 2000, obtained from apples of the year 1999 (be careful not to think the same way as for wine). This “ageless” Calvados still ages, because it is still in oak barrels.

We only bottle it when there is demand, which is very important with regard to the notion of “Millésime” (vintage). In this sense, Château du Breuil has chosen to market only the years worthy of great interest. This is the case for this year 2000, which provided a typical and racy Calvados while retaining this unique taste of apple and wood. For lovers of vintages, or those who like taste adventures.

Tasting guide

Served as a digestive of 2 or 4cl, with a coffee and a sweet…


The mouth is silky and greedy with hints of cinnamon and rancio. The finish lingers on notes of chestnut cream.


Intense gold

Millésime 2000


Quince, beeswax, cedar and vanilla, tarte tatin at the opening

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