Mysterious, woody and spicy Calvados.

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Woody and spicy, The Legend of the Master of Chais of the French Spiritery,
Château du Breuil – Normandy, Philippe Etignard, artist and guardian of his secrets is the fruit of science and angels.

This Calvados AOC Pays d’Auge is made from a selection of the best out-of-age nectars, then aged in the barrels of the Spir iterie Française, Château
du Breuil – Normandy. It reflects the know-how of the Château for Calvados
of exception.

La Légende invites attentive and patient tasting, reserving a part of mystery.

Tasting tips

Served as an after-dinner drink, accompanying a coffee and paired with a sweet…


the attack is very soft, without aggressiveness. The woody notes are underlined by touches of mocha and spices (cinnamon, nutmeg). The finish is long with well-coated tannins and hints of liquorice.


brown with mahogany highlights

Calvados XO Légende


baked apple, tarte tatin, cider, honey, notes of cedar, brown tobacco and undergrowth

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