Xellent Swiss Vodka

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The Master Distiller has a passion for the herbs and plants grown in the company’s garden.



XELLENT Swiss Vodka is distilled in copper stills using traditional methods.

This is the only Swiss vodka in the world and a truly exceptional product. It is made from 100% rustic rye from the Pre-Alps and reduced with water from the Titlis Swiss glacier.

Drinking recommendations

Served as an aperitif and enjoyed like a single malt, dry or on the rocks, Xellent Vodka is also perfect in cocktails and will pair beautifully with smoked fish or caviar. Xellent Vodka is also ideal as an after-dinner drink.


Smooth and fat on the palate, the first quality to come through is a sweet aroma of rye. This opulent vodka is smooth and luscious with notes of tangy fruit and toasted fragrances, which lengthen the spirit and give it real persistence.


Clear and transparent

Bouteille Swiss Vodka


The nose is intense and alcoholic with fruity aromas of wild berries, red fruit and white pears. After the spirit has breathed, notes of caramel and nougat come to the fore, shortly followed by aromas of grilled herbs, and spices, such as thyme and vanilla.

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