Single Cask – fût n°14001


A unique and powerful Calvados.

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This barrel was selected for its very high quality. It is therefore an authentic and racy Calvados, to be drunk neat, or with the addition of a little very pure water. A Calvados for connoisseurs, in the same spirit as “cask strength” whiskies, for those looking for authenticity, or who want to surprise their friends….

Tasting guide

The Château du Breuil “Fût N°14001” is ideally drunk as an aperitif in 4cl, diluted with a little water or on ice. It also turns out to be perfect as a digestive.


a mellow attack, with a delicate tannin finish on the palate, highlighted by notes of cedar, beeswax and nutmeg


old gold with copper highlights

Calvados Single Cask fut 14001


dominated by apple tart, with notes of
underbrush, liquorice and flowers

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