Vieille Prune (Old Plum)

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Distilled in Alsace, this plum brandy stays in our barrels for 6 months.

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It is not a Calvados.
It is a fruit brandy, made of plums (reine-claude, selected French Mirabelle plums). This brandy is not distilled at Château Du Breuil (prohibited by law), but it ages there for around six years in oak barrels, under the watchful eye of our Cellar Master.

As it ages, it softens and takes on its distinctive woody and sweet taste.
A product to discover for lovers of distinctive and distinguished fruit brandies.

Tasting guide

Served as a 4cl digestive, or as a “Coeur du Breuil Gourmet Café” (2cl, accompanying a coffee and paired with a sweet treat…) This Norman brandy is also perfect in the heart of a fruit salad.< /strong>


Fresh, round, fruity with aromas of prune, fresh almond and kernel.

Bouteille vieille prune


Sweet and fruity with notes of fresh almond, frangipane and kernel.

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